Voting: Safely & Easily

We want to make it simple and easy for you to cast a ballot this election.

Please note, this information is specific to voters in Pennsylvania. If you are not in Pennsylvania (but have a Facebook account), we encourage you to visit the Voting Information Center.

Do you have a specific issue with regards to voting (i.e., a criminal conviction will NOT stop you from voting). Please visit the ACLU PA Voting Protection Page for answers to this and more questions.

Register to Vote

The first step is to register to vote! Not sure if you are registered to vote? Check your status. Please see a guide here for both registering to vote and checking your status.

Mail in Ballots

Please check out the thorough and extensive information put together by WESA for voting in Allegheny County.

More Information on Voting

Election Offices

Election offices are locations where registered voters can: request, fill out, and submit a mail-in ballot in one stop. For Allegheny County voters, the hours and locations for the offices can be found here, with the official County resolution given here.

If you have any questions regarding voting in the General Election for 2020, please email us with any questions – we’ll be glad to help!

Pittsburgh Catholics for Biden

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