Frequently Asked Questions

We want to hear from you. Here are the frequently asked questions, or concerns you have about Joe Biden, from the standpoint of our Catholic faith.

Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism

What is America?  America is a capitalist republic.  We are capitalist by our economic system, and a republic by our form of government, despite the best efforts of Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and most of the Republican Party to undermine our political system and its safe, secure, free, and fair elections.  What is socialism andContinue reading “Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism”

What good does the federal government do?

If one looks at the efforts of the federal government during the second half of the 20th century, one finds an impressive track record of problem-solving initiatives. While it can be easy to forget, the federal government passed a series of laws to address these critical quality-of-life issues of both its citizens and people aroundContinue reading “What good does the federal government do?”

But Joe’s not for Medicare-for-all.

We think that Medicare-for-all is a fiscally prudent exemplar of a commitment to the Gospel of Life because it would institutionalize everyone’s right to as healthy of a life as possible, on par with nearly every advanced country (and several that are still developing!).  However, the public option gives Americans a real choice (not theContinue reading “But Joe’s not for Medicare-for-all.”

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