What good does the federal government do?

If one looks at the efforts of the federal government during the second half of the 20th century, one finds an impressive track record of problem-solving initiatives. While it can be easy to forget, the federal government passed a series of laws to address these critical quality-of-life issues of both its citizens and people aroundContinue reading “What good does the federal government do?”

But Joe’s not for Medicare-for-all.

We think that Medicare-for-all is a fiscally prudent exemplar of a commitment to the Gospel of Life because it would institutionalize everyone’s right to as healthy of a life as possible, on par with nearly every advanced country (and several that are still developing!).  However, the public option gives Americans a real choice (not theContinue reading “But Joe’s not for Medicare-for-all.”

I’m pro-life. Why vote Joe?

Pope Francis advocates for a holistic view of life “Equally sacred, however, are the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged, the vulnerable infirm and elderly exposed to covert euthanasia, the victims of human trafficking, new forms of slavery, and every form of rejection.” [Gaudete et Exusalte, ChapterContinue reading “I’m pro-life. Why vote Joe?”

“Conscience at the Polls”

As you prepare for voting in November you might find an article by Professor Emily Reimer-Barry entitled “Conscience at the Polls” (8/19/2020) helpful. Professor Reimer-Barry chairs the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego, California. She discusses moral decision-making of Catholics in the voting process, noting that neither political partyContinue reading ““Conscience at the Polls””

Vote for Common Good Rally

Co-sponsored by Pittsburgh Catholics for Biden, plan to join us August 30th @ 6:00 pm. At the Ohio Township Community Park, it will be an outdoor, socially-distanced jamboree of speakers, entertainment and political meeting. Please check out the Events page or https://www.votecommongood.com/2020-national-bus-tour/pittsburgh-pennsylvania/ for more information! Please RSVP to pittsburghcatholics4biden@gmail.com as seating is limited!

EJ Dionne: Joe Biden can’t hurt God, but he can help religion

“…The more religion is associated with right-wing politics, the more alienated from religion progressives become, and the more inclined they are to dismiss religious people altogether. But the more progressives do this, the easier they make it for right-wing politicians to cast liberals as hostile to faith — and, reductio ad absurdum, as eager toContinue reading “EJ Dionne: Joe Biden can’t hurt God, but he can help religion”

Catholic Lobby: Catholics Cannot Vote for Donald Trump

“In its almost 50 year history, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice has never advised its members who to vote for or against. We have always encouraged members to get involved in politics, spoken about the issues, compared candidates, and equipped our members with resources to choose elected officials who support the common good. AndContinue reading “Catholic Lobby: Catholics Cannot Vote for Donald Trump”