What good does the federal government do?

If one looks at the efforts of the federal government during the second half of the 20th century, one finds an impressive track record of problem-solving initiatives. While it can be easy to forget, the federal government passed a series of laws to address these critical quality-of-life issues of both its citizens and people around the world. Consider this list, compiled by experts in law and government, and reported by the Brookings Institution:

10. Promoting Financial Security in Retirement

9. Reducing the Federal Budget Deficit

8. Increasing Access to Health Care for Older Americans

7. Strengthening the Nation’s Highway System

6. Ensuring Safe Food and Drinking Water

5. Reducing Workplace Discrimination

4. Reducing Disease

3. Promoting Equal Access to Public Accommodation

2. Expanding the Right to Vote

1. Rebuilding Europe after World War II

Please take a moment to think about how some of these efforts have impacted your life, will impact your life, and impact the life of someone you love.

Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are public servants who see the historical and potential good that can come from the federal government actions. They will seek to unify the country around the common good.

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