EJ Dionne: Joe Biden can’t hurt God, but he can help religion

“…The more religion is associated with right-wing politics, the more alienated from religion progressives become, and the more inclined they are to dismiss religious people altogether. But the more progressives do this, the easier they make it for right-wing politicians to cast liberals as hostile to faith — and, reductio ad absurdum, as eager to “hurt God.”

The price for religion is just as high. Those who insist that faith requires supporting Trump and opposing LGBTQ rights (which younger Americans overwhelmingly support regardless of party) are closing off large categories of their fellow citizens to the possibility of dialogue and, yes, conversion.

By devoting effort to ending the Catch-22 around religion, Biden would do more than prove he has no interest in hurting God. He could also help create a politics more worthy of a faith that sees the ability to love each other as central to salvation.

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