“Bishop Urges Catholics to Exercise ‘Prudence’ When Voting”

Chris White, CRUX National Correspondent, 02/08/2020

Bishop Robert McElroy reminds Catholics that “prudential judgement” plays a key role in discernment in the Christian conscience. He identifies ten “salient goals” which should guide decision making re candidates: protection of life of the unborn, addressing climate change which threatens the future of humanity and worsens conditions for the poor and marginalized, safeguarding immigrants and refugees in this era of intolerance, protecting the aged and ill and disabled, opposition to racism in every form, provision of work and workers’ rights, systematic efforts to fight poverty and egregious inequality, promotion of marriage and family, movement toward universal nuclear disarmament, protection of religious liberty. McElroy suggests that it is impossible to name any single issue as preeminent by itself. Together they are core life issues for the church. Ultimately the voter must decide which candidate can better advance the common good. Assessing a candidate’s intelligence, insights, expertise, and character as well as his/her policies all play a role, he notes.

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