Because He’s One of Us

President Biden is prioritizing these Catholic values:

Joe Biden is fighting Covid-19
* Passing the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package through Congress, with zero Republican support
* Vaccination goal in 100 days: 200 million doses
* Get your vaccine to help stop the spread of Delta, and create a more unified America
Joe Biden is fighting Climate Change
* With a focus on communities affected by the loss of fossil fuel jobs:
Interagency Working Group on Coal Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization
* Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement
* Establish interagency working group on environmental justice
Joe Biden is fighting for Your Health Care
* “Part of the $1.9 trillion relief package was a provision that no one must spend more than 8.5% of what they earn on insurance premiums, which experts say is among the most significant changes to the affordability of private insurance since the ACA.”
Joe Biden is fighting for American Jobs
* A Trump voter supports Biden’s American Jobs Plan
* Some unions respond:
International Machinists & Aerospace Workers

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